Hi! I’m Francisco Javier González y García. I know, such a long name, that’s why you can also find me as GyGInfographics. As a freelancer, I work to transform boring and difficult information into handy and nifty communication graphics tools. That’s why I call myself a Graphic Interpreter.


Graphic Interpreter?

I'm going to explain it with some motion-infographics:

Usually my clients already have manuals to describe their procedures, but only a few of their clients understand them. I translate graphically the information in those manuals, to turn them into understandable and useful documents for everyone.

And so solve graphic communication problems.

What kind of problems?

Think about instructions, manuals and processes:

I currently work for:

I have made and designed each manual, its graphics, infographics and content for their power tools, pneumatic tools, motor tools and hydraulic tools. I am very proud to work for Mexico’s most important power tool brand. So far I have done more than 300 manuals, and more are coming!

TRUPER Instruction Manual. To see more click HERE.

Some projects:

I’m constantly experimenting and working for other clients so that users don’t lose their heads to understand and follow concepts, procedures or indications, developing graphic tools that are key pieces when instructing, explaining and training. A couple of samples:

More about me:

If you want to see more examples of my work, or learn more about me and my 20 years of experience, please visit my social media:



My partners:

Although I have always worked as a freelancer, I have never been alone. Different collaborators enrich the projects I undertake.

  • Alberto Solís: Industrial design and administration.
  • Aron Covaliu: Translation and content development.
  • Juan Pablo González y García: HSE consultant.
  • Mariana Figueroa: Editor.
  • Rosi Salgado: Psychologist and wife ♥.